Sad, but somehow true.

Went on a roomies tonight. My date was a really nice guy and very handsom. It was nice to go on a blind date and have fun getting to know someone new. He was a nice guy…he was more my roommate’s type than he was mine. (go figure, considering she picked him out, hehe). We went to the Mariner’s game. We won, 6-3 to the White Socks, yippi. Sorry, I still support my home team…the A’s. All in all, I came back happy and with a bright orange spot in my hair. (yea…somehow he found a bottle of spray-in glitter hair color…I only pray that it washes out).

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately (surprise) and I’ve come to the conclusion that I think too much and I don’t pray enough. And on top of that, I read way too much. I should just stop informing myself of the world around me…it gets overwhelming. For years and years before there were things like the newspaper or 24 hour news channels, people got along great without knowing what was going on in the rest of the world. I mean, honestly…how important is it to know the Christina Aguillera gained 7 pounds? “Oh my gosh! the world is forever changed!” *sarcasm* I don’t even think I spelled her name right. Whatever.
I also realized how important my roommate is to me. I can honestly say I’m seriously blessed. Ever since I had to leave my precious Loreanne at home, I haven’t had anybody else to really truly spill my guts to. (well, I haven’t had anybody that I felt comfortable spilling to anyway). Until now, I was not aware of the importance of a venting buddy. I think it’s because I usually am the soggy shoulder and the listening ear. I’ve learned that talking about what’s on your mind is incredibly important for identity development. It’s also extremely important financially. Since I’ve learned to open up to my roommate, I can honestly say that the number of notebooks and journals that I’ve gone through has been cut down considerably. Dang…I write a lot. Also, I haven’t felt compelled to express myself through art in a long time. (could this be a bad thing? perhaps).
I talked to my roommate for a good couple hours last night. Man, I didn’t realize I had been festering inside for so long. Why do I hide myself? I dunno. Perhaps I’ll find out next week in psych…I think we’re going over something in that realm of the brain. It should be interesting.
The only bad part about talking for so long last night is that I didn’t finish a paper that was due today. I skipped that class and finished it and turned it in before my next class. I’m glad I got it out of the way. But alas, I still have a few more papers and articles to finish by next week. To think that by the time I’m all grown up and settled down…I could be bored and wishing I were back in the very spot I’m sitting in right now. Trippy to think about. Once again…I think too much.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    was this the same guy that left the note with the flowers or something?

  2. sarahmadson says:

    Re: HipTip
    No, my blind date was a different guy.

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