Super busy weekend

Friday night: Movie at Dave’s place. Went with Bridget…we watched a classic – Jaws. fun fun, plus there was pizza and cinnamon sticks, yum!

Saturday: still battling sickness. Roommate’s boyfriend is in town. Worked most of the day and then got ready for Ashton Ball. My date was gone all day until about 20 minutes before our dinner reservations. yikes! He got ready really fast…I was almost impressed. haha. Had fun at the Ball.
Later we got a movie (Hunt for the Red October). Craziness, but I sense that the theme this weekend was “classics”. Didn’t get to bed until 5am.

Sunday: Didn’t make it to church. Woke up to the sound of roommate’s boyfriend knocking on the door. Jumped out of bed…threw on pants and a sweatshirt over my pjs (very uncomfortable) and went looking for my roommate. I told the boyfriend to wait in the lounge. Once everybody was decent we went to Noah’s Bagels…said goodbye to the boyfriend and came back to do more homework and finish other stuff.
Later that night I went over to my friend Mel’s apartment and got caught up on CSI and Without a Trace. (two of my favorite shows). We made dinner and I made cookies for desert. yum! We’re going to make it a weekly thing, I’m pretty excited.

This next week is craziness. I’ve got a load of work to do on my current assignments for the Falcon and I’ve been overwhelmed trying to help out our new writers. But it’s exciting because they have so much enthusiasm.
I’m sort of sad because I haven’t talked to my family or my friends from home in a long time. I think it’s partially my fault for not having the time to call them. (Jared, if you’re reading this. I hope all is well.)
I feel bad because I’ve been really really sick and so worn out that I haven’t made great company for anyone. I’ve sort of have that feeling of being disconnected. Yesterday I went and sat out in the sun on the grass for a while because I just needed to get away. I put on my headphones and cut off the rest of the world and got lost in the blueness of the sky. It was great until the conviction of unfinished work set in. Then I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful surroundings or the sunshine anymore. Bummer for me, haha.
I also found out the other day that an acquaintance from hs died. That was quite a shock. He fell off a trail at Yosemite park. He was just a couple months away from graduating. It really puts things into perspective and I still don’t know what to think…but I praise God that I can still think at all.

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