Once again…

Yes, once again this boy continues to out-do himself. Why me?!! And I was such a brat too! I am sick…therefore I am cranky. Am I not justified? I think I am.
Today after a long day of work…I clock out and walk out the back door..dreading the walk up hill that lay before me…and there he is! He’s parked his truck outside the door and he pops open his door for me and takes my book bag. I was thinking to myself “what are you doing Crazy Head?!” He said something to the effect of “It’s cold, it’s raining, it’s a long walk, you are sick and I’m going to take care of you.”
He takes me out to dinner…even though he already ate and then he takes me back to his place and we just sat and talked for the past couple hours. Oh, and I forgot to mention, yesterday he was trying to convince me that I should let him take care of me because I am sit…I completely neglected him and started reading Psychology to him for like an hour. hehe…I’m such a BRAT! I thought it was interesting and he later admitted to me that I was right. But when he picked me up today after work he proudly said “You know, I figured out why I was frustrated with you yesterday. It’s because you are just as stubborn as I am.” I was thinking, “Oh really?!” haha. But seriously, why does he have to keep being so sweet?! Arrrrgghhh! This is just not fair. I know I owe him. He even gave me Swedish Fish. Honestly…why? And he also was saying to me when we were talking today “please let’s not have the talk today” (referring to the ‘I don’t want a relationship and I’m not interested shpeel). So he knows where I stand and he keeps trying. Why is this frustrating me?! I don’t know! *pulling hair and sniffling because I’m still sick* Lord help me.

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