Happy Resurrection Day!

Praise the Lord, for He has risen!

Easter was good. I went home with my roommate. It was fun, I’d never been to Oregon before. So she showed me around her stomping ground and we played around. Went shopping, got pedicures, etc. And we ate a lot of food! Good grief, everywhere we turned someone was trying to feed us!
When we went shopping I talked my roommate into getting her first biniki. hehe. She wanted an orange bathingsuit and this bikini was orange so I told her to try it on and see how she liked it. She loved it! (So did her boyfriend…I told him he owes me, haha)
I got a new bikini too. It’s really cute. It has a vintage travel theme to it. It’s got stamps all over it and really cute beads. Hooray for getting swimsuits that I’ll probably never wear in public! haha.
In addition to a bikini, I also got a sore throat and a nasty cold. blah! I hate being sick. So this post is going to be cut short for the sake of my health and well being.
By the way…all that work that I needed to get done…yea…it’s still not done. haha. *sniffle…cough cough* I need some drugs.

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