Guess who is a lazy bum…

Yea, I’m a lazy bum. Today I took the longest nap ever…(well, since like preschool). So even though I’m supposed to be well rested, I still feel groggy. I think there must be an secret to taking naps in order to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to rock. I’ve heard different theories regarding the art of napping. I’m convinced there is a fine line between not getting enough shut-eye and oversleeping…like perhaps there’s a two minute margin of error. Oh well, my take on it is…the more I practice, the better I’ll get at it, hehe.
I’ve got two new stories on my plate this week, plus I get to train one of the rookies on our staff…it should be fun.
Another interesting rumor I heard recently is that apparently I’ve been elected as the most mysterious girl on campus. How in the world is that?!?! haha, I mean, I always thought that the dark haired girl with glasses that works in the library was super mysterious. I haven’t ever heard her utter a word of any sort…EVER. Besides, I’m a news writer…how can I possibly be considered a mystery. Okay, so maybe I’m a mystery to the girls on my floor…but that’s only because I’m never around. Oh well, perhaps THEY know something I don’t. haha – anyway, I sort of like being seen as “The Mysterious Girl”…it’s fun!

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