Fun Fun Fun

Last night I went to Dave’s apartment with a bunch of friends from the bookstore to hang out. We watched the extended version of LOTR. There were some interesting parts in there that really helped explain some things. We ordered pizza and cinnamon sticks…yummy. And we played with Dave’s hamsters and his kitty cat for a while. That was fun too. What was really funny was watching clips from the LOTR animated version. Hilarious! Sam looks sooo goofy! haha.
So tonight a friend is taking me out to dinner and tomorrow Spencer and Gavin are taking me out to dinner as a thank you for letting them stay at my place over spring break. Wow! That’s a lot of getting taken out in one weekend!
I kinda felt bad though because while I was out last night Dan B. called to see if I wanted to catch a movie. I haven’t hung out with him in a while. I wonder how he’s doing.
I also got an email from another friend of mine that I haven’t talked to in a long time. The Lord is doing amazing things in his life right now and it’s soooo awesome! His manager at work came up to him the other day and told him that he was convicted and gave his life to Christ! Apparently that’s a real surprise because this is a guy that was on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. What a blessing!
Today at work I witnessed another example of how God pulls things together when you least expect it. I was ringing this lady up at the register today and I overheard her talking to her friend about having this desire to speak to Christian college girls and share herself as providing an example and so I immediately cut in and asked what church she went to and if she would like to come and speak to my girls. It was totally awesome because I had been looking for an older woman to come and speak to my small group girls and sort of provide an example and be a mentor. She was perfect! So I got her number and information and hopefully I’ll hear from her some time next week. I pray everything works out.

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