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Spring break was great…I’m back at school now. I like my classes. I’d made a vow to work as hard as I can at doing my best in all of them. I’m not going to give too much slack this time!
During break I got two new cds that I really like. Evanescence is the perfect mix between celtic and alternative. It’s like Celtic rock or something. Whatever it is, I like it. I don’t think my roommate shares my appreciation though, hehe. I also got the Nora Jones cd. That’s quality. I like that one a lot too. I would highly recommend both cds to anyone.
I also got a new pet over break. It’s a neopet, haha. It’s this program that my jr.high girls signed me up in. It’s cute…if you ever feel like killing time. I have one dragon-rabbit thing that I named Greenbean or something. Apparently his purpose in life is to make as many friends as possible and just be cute all the time. haha. Oh, and he eats just about anything and he gets these really sad eyes if you neglect him for more than a couple of days. Oops, hehe. Sorry Greenbean, but life takes up time!

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