Another Boy Update

Well, at Ashton Ball Josh and I had another ‘talk’. I made it so undeniably clear that I wasn’t interested; that he finally gave in and said that he’d be content with the ‘brother’ label. So now I’m officially a ‘sister’ to him. Thank the Lord!
Jared called for the first time in weeks last night. It was good to hear his voice again. We talked for a super long we usually do…and by the end of the conversation he had been deamed a ‘friend with no alterior motives’. Whatever floats his boat. I talked to my roommate about it and she came to the conclusion that he was just saying that stuff more as an affirmation for himself. That makes sense. Anyhow, I’m just glad that he called me. It felt sooo good to talk to somebody from home…well, sort of from home, you know what I mean. haha.
Kyle took me out to Starbucks today after giving me a ride to the doctor’s office. (the whole story about my medical problems could be a whole other post, but I won’t go into it…I think it’d be boring.) It was fun to sit and talk with him and tease him for no reason whatsoever. I must admit, overall, I’d say I’ve done a great job of being a complete brat and getting guys to take it from me. I’m such a jerk. I think it’s because I’m the only one who thinks my antics are ‘bratty’…I’m not sure. But all outside parties don’t think I’m much of a brat…but I think I am. Oh well. But in Starbucks, while Kyle was on his cell phone with a friend from a class, I sat there and started throwing stuff at him…like napkins, newspapers…pretty much anything I could find. hehe, and then I stole his cell phone and started to try and take it apart. hehe. It was fun watching him try to carry on a decent conversation about physics with his friend on the phone and try to keep me from throwing stuff in his lap. haha.
Other instances of brattiness…Josh would be trying to ‘take care of me’ or whatever and I’d sit and read psychology to him. Saying stuff like “Oh, listen to this…this is really interesting…” and also I got him so frustrated with me the other day when he was trying to talk theology to me. I pulled out all these contradictions from the Bible and started playing devil’s advocate and just being really stuborn. He started throwing little balls of paper at my nose. hehe.
I think it’s healthy to be a brat every once in a while with guys who are trying to pursue you. It gives you a good idea of how much they can handle. Plus it’s all in good fun, right? hehe

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