So yea, on my way to work today I stopped by my mail stop to pick up my mail and lone behold..there is the envelope from Res Life…I knew right away what is was going to tell me. I really didn’t expect to get the job, but you know…it was fun trying. Everybody else was all sympathetic for me…it was almost like they were more upset than I was! haha. Oh well, so it goes, eh?
My friend called me up this afternoon and was like “I just have one question…did you get in? Did you get the PA position?” I was like “Nawh, I didn’t” and he immediately asked “Is there anything I can do? Do you need anything? Flowers? ice cream?” and naturally the first thing that came to my mind was..”Well, since you ask…I’ve always wanted a Yamaha YZF R6…royal blue, silver and white…” haha. He asked!

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3 Responses to “Saddness”

  1. nikitalynn says:

    You whats strange I have heard from more people that they did not get in to the PA group interviews. Makes me wonder if anyone did.

  2. sarahmadson says:

    Re: PA
    Sure seems like no one did. But I have a friend who actually made it to the group interviews. She’s an SMC on our sister floor. I almost wonder if they lean towards the people who are already involved in a Res Life position. Who knows.

  3. nikitalynn says:

    Re: PA
    The might only because they know those people, by face. It’s harder to say no to someone you know, and you think is doing a great job

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