I’m deciding not to decide

It’s interesting how everyone feels the need to ‘help’ you make decisions. It’s come down to two guys in my parents’ eyes. Brad and Jared. They are rooting for Brad…I think my brother is rooting for him too. Honestly, I don’t know! I’m fond of them both. My brother was asking me all sorts of questions when we were in the car the other day. He was giving them points based on how I answered and according to his score-keeping, the guys tied. I dunno what to do. Then my dad starts talking about it while we were hanging my curtains tonight. He talks about how he’d hate to see me marry somebody who isn’t very affectionate. He said that Jared’s older sister and a potential suiter were introduced for something at church the other day and my dad said they weren’t very warm toward each other. I dunno, but he was just saying how he hasn’t noticed Jared’s parents as being affectionate toward each other in front of their kids. Whatever he was getting at, I think he was saying that he recommended Brad over Jared. I’m so confused! I’m tired, I’m going to bed…See you at the gym tomorrow Loreanne!

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