These past few days have been crazy. Let me give you a brief update.
Sunday was Ashton Cup…we won third place! I’m proud because we were the only girls that placed. It’s hard competing against guys prancing around stage in dresses or mermaid costumes. First place was 5th west’s rendition of the Sound of Music (which we didn’t get to see because we were back stage getting ready cuz we were up next…talk about a hard act to follow!). Second place was 6th west’s performance of The Little Mermaid…absolutely hilarious!!!
Another guy floor performed Moulin Rouge, that was so funny! They were pretty good…but obviously we were better! hehe.
The other girl floors did acts like Sesame Street, Fiddler on the Roof, Men in Black, Zoolander, Mary Poppins, Foot Loose and I can’t remember what else.

I had my first official day of work on Monday. It was nice, I think I’m getting the hang of it pretty fast. After work I was leaving out the back door to go and get dinner in Gwinn and I was surprised to see my friend waiting for me. So we went to Gwinn together and I sat with my new friend Bridget (she works at the bookstore too) and a few other people.
Fraser came and sat with us too and told us about his crazy bungee jumping escapade. Turns out he and a few guys from his floor went bungee jumping NAKED! Gross!
So, that brings me to today. I got up early to go to the office and finish my article early. It’s nice to have one more thing off of my plate.
What’s interesting is that when I got to the office this morning I found a really gross note left in front of our door. It was a “Guide to Oral Sex” video with a note tapped on the front that said something like, “The Falcon sucks…” I don’t remember what the rest of the note said. But I called Security and they came and took pictures and removed the tape. Weirdness, this is the second surprise package we received this quarter. The last one was a 2 liter bottle of urine and a note that said something like “The Falcon pisses me off! We don’t buy into your nazi propaganda.”
Weirdos, what’s their deal? Oh well, I think it’s hilarious…of all the things to get ticked off about…they choose the campus newspaper. haha.

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