Secret boy update…

Here’s the scoop. Josh (air force guy) has continued to call and we have continued to hang out. He’s the friend that was waiting for me after my first day of work.
Jared has kept calling and I still enjoy talking with him.
Currently, I’m trying not to think of either as prospects because I’m trying really hard to focus on school and my career. Plus, I am still getting to know Josh and I don’t want to jump to any conclusions about either.
I still haven’t heard from Bradford or Dan Jackson. Fraser called me a few days ago after the raid last friday. He wanted to go to coffee and catch up. haha. I haven’t called him back…I’m too busy! Plus, I don’t want to get into ‘that’ again. (If you don’t remember the last Fraser situation…check past entries, haha)
Jared is coming to visit me in less than two weeks! I’m nervous, but I’m still really excited to see him. Plus, it’ll be nice to have visitors of my own after my roommate has had a gazillion visitors of her own for the past few weekends.
So, that’s where I’m at right now. Loreanne, I’ve been praying for situation with Lee. I hope things clear up and you figure out why he’s acting different.
Well, back to reading…study study study!!!

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