Secret boy update…

Josh took me to Kerry Park to look at the moon and stars tonight after my meeting. We talked and talked. Turns out he found out about the time that Fraser tried to kiss me and he “had words” with him, haha. I was so embarrassed! I was like “Josh! I told you not to do anything about it…I took care of it a long time ago!” He just said, “You said not to do anything, I didn’t…I said something, but I didn’t do anything. You don’t see him walking around in a cast, do you?” Good grief! Men are so…oh I don’t even know. *exasperated sigh* It makes me wonder what else he’s done. haha. Oh boy, that might be why I haven’t seen very many of my guy friends lately.
Anyhow, Jared is comming in 9 days! I’m excited to see him. So that’s something to look forward to. Yippi!

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