Oh Wow! (Again…)

Hey girls,
Here’s another brief update. I was just asked out on a Valentine’s Day date with a really amazing man. His name is Josh and I had only known him as this far off senior/air force/really tall/blond guy, until recently. I actually don’t really remember when I first met him, but I knew it was through somebody else. Then this last quarter I suggested him as a roomies date for a friend. And I know that my roommate tried to set me up on a roomies date with him last quarter. (That was the roomies date that I met Greg – a.k.a RHMC guy). Anyhow, Josh called me up earlier today and left a message saying he wanted to know when I was available to talk because he wanted to stop by tonight to ask me something. I thought he was calling to ask something about a friend or something regarding the Falcon. Boy was I wrong! haha. So I called and left a message saying when I was available and he called back asking if he could stop by around 9pm. I said it would be fine (I was still clueless at this point) and he stopped by and asked me if I would like to go out with him this Friday. Now, I know…you’re gonna laugh at me, but I completely forgot that this Friday was V-Day. I’m a dork. Anyhow, I was shocked and I was like “that would be lovely!”. But of course I checked my calendar first. And then I checked it a second time, because I was buying time to think. You see, I had just a few days earlier, had a one on one with my PA and she told me she had a ‘little’ crush on him and I totally didn’t want to betray that. So I had still told him that I would be honored to go with him and he was such a gentleman about it! He asked me what kind of food I liked and everything and he apologized for asking on such late notice! He told me he’d call tomorrow after he made reservations and he’d let me know what time! I love it when guys plan ahead! Anyhow, about my dear friend the PA, I felt it was only right that I talk to her so I just got back from chatting with her about it. I explained to her what happened and told her I wouldn’t go on the date with him if she didn’t want me to. She was really cool about it and told me that it was actually a relief on her heart to know that he wasn’t interested. She said that it was nice to know because now she wasn’t worried about just relaxing and being his friend. He’s a really nice guy to everyone and she wasn’t sure if the attention she was getting was a hint. Anyhow, I’m pretty excited. Especially since I just got a bunch of quarters today and now I can do my laundry and I’ll be all set for Friday with clean clothes!!! haha.
I could go on about how Josh is this amazingly Godly man, but I think I should just put a lid on it and go to bed. But not before I mention that Jared is still calling and we still talk. Things have not changed. And I got a call from Brad yesterday also. He left for boot camp and he called to say good bye and he told me he would write.
oh oh! And you’ll never believe what Jared did. He has been emailing Brad for the last few weeks, and they have been talking about how their situations are similar now that Brad has enlisted and stuff. But Jared confessed to me yesterday that he asked Brad about me and he asked him what his ‘intentions’ were! Jared said something about how he didn’t want to step on Brad’s toes or anything. I thought that was admirable, but still…haha, I don’t even know what Brad’s intentions are. (Although I’d put money on it that my parents know!! haha). Anyway, God has been bringing a lot of wonderful men into my life and I am perfectly content to stay “Single and Spectacular” and fully absorbed in Him. He has been teaching me so much lately and I feel so much closer to Him. I had my small group meeting tonight and I spoke to them about establishing your identity and your focus fully and completely in God first and foremost. It was a great discussion.
Anyway, I should go to bed now. Goodnight girls and I hope all is well with you too!

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2 Responses to “Oh Wow! (Again…)”

  1. trademehalos says:

    I admire you my dear girl 🙂

  2. sarahmadson says:

    thanks! I miss you my best friend 🙂

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