Hooray for Sesame Street!!!

Yes, that’s right…I watched Sesame Street this morning…no shame, hehe. What’s cool is that REM was on Sesame Street! Can you believe it? I haven’t heard an REM song since that movie ‘Man on the Moon’ (I think that’s the name of it) with Jim Carrey. It was so cool, they played a song for Monster Time. haha. You know, when all the monster mupphets come out and dance and sing…it was great. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I must say, Sesame Street still has that special charm to it that makes me smile and want to sing along with Ernie and his rubber duckie.

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One Response to “Hooray for Sesame Street!!!”

  1. tikijam says:

    awww…sesame street!
    *high fives you for getting in touch with the inner child*
    glad to hear things are goin well for ya, sarah 🙂 take care!

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