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Today was a super busy day. Got up early to go to breakfast before practice for Ashton Cup. After practicing for a couple hours, I ran back to get a shower before my PA interview. I think that went pretty well. I feel confident. Besides, I’m not too worried about whether I get the job for next year or not. I’m super happy that I got my job at the bookstore.
So right after my interview today I finally got to go give food out to the homeless. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I plan on having it be a regular thing. Here’s how it started….a few girls on my floor who work at Subway were talking one day about how Subway always throws away all these pre-made sandwiches and salads every Saturday. So I told them to ask if they could just bring the food back to the floor after work because I thought it’d be good to go give the food to the homeless rather than throw it away and waste it. So today, my friend Pauline brought a huge bag of sandwiches and salads home after work and her boyfriend volunteered to take us downtown to hand out food to people we saw on the streets. It was fun…I loved it!
We tried to find some good places to go, but we decided that we couldn’t go too far without bringing more guys with us…simply for safety’s sake. But next week I hope to have more people and perhaps even more food to distribute!
So, besides that…my roommate has company again this weekend. Four of her friends came from Oregon and one of them is having a birthday party this weekend. They’re nice girls, I like them. But it seems like all they talk about are their boyfriends and whatnot. Right now they are looking through a wedding magazine, haha. Gee wiz, I wonder how the guys feel about that, haha. Oh well, it’s cute to watch. Anyhow, I must be back to work! I’ve got a lot to work on for the Falcon. By the way, if anyone knows anybody who went to the ‘homosexual’ forum last thursday, direct them my way!

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