Don’t fall asleep in a public place if you snore…

Pretty funny thing happened today. I was waiting in Weter hall to meet with the SMC program coordinator for an interview and I was a bit early. I was reading over stuff, getting questions prepared and I hear this low rumble. I look around and I don’t see anyone, so I figure it must be the ventilation or heater or something like that. But I kept hearing it and I could swear someone was snoring. Turns out, about a half hour later, this guy wakes himself up and sits up real fast like he was startled. haha. I felt so bad! I didn’t see him there because the back of the couch seats were turned toward me. I tried so hard not to laugh. haha. At least he got a good nap!
Well, I only have a few things on my plate this week. I have a few articles, I have a huge paper due thursday, a test weds, a meeting and a party thursday night, and I have my assistant news editor interview tomorrow night at 9pm…pray for me! I’m kind of nervous. I also have a Valentine’s Day panty exchange party tomorrow. I bought some really cute underwear today at Fred Meyer…I hope they fit whoever gets them!
Oh, and finally…I got that Food Critic information today that I was really worried about. I’m so excited to get started! It looks like it’s going to be a super fun job. What a blessing it will be if it all works out! Praise the Lord!

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