Yup, more ridiculous quizzes…

Which Smallville Chick Are You?

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You’re Martha Kent. With a heart as big as yours, you should have plenty of love left for yourself. Don’t push your own needs aside.

What Kind of Beauty Are You?

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Breezy Beauty – You’re a breath of low-mainentance air, aren’t you?

What Unconventional Movie Heroine Are You?

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You are Sofia Serrano from Vanilla Sky. Your demeanor, to most, is more refreshing than a tall glass of water on a hot day. Some, though, find your kittenish behavior to be immature. You are the embodiment of a muse; Maybe, like Sofia, you can inspire people to make great changes in their lives.

What Eyes Do You Have?

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Doe Eyes

What Teen TV Stereotype Are You?

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Ubersibling!! Awww, can I hug you?

Which Roswell Character is Most Like You?

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You’re Alex Whitman. “First of all, there are rumors going around that last week you were shot here in the cafe, and then at the Crash Festival you were seemingly run over by a car, but then you weren’t, and everytime I walk up to you two, you go silent or make up some ridiculous story about Czechoslovakia, which is a country that has not existed for ten years.”

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2 Responses to “Yup, more ridiculous quizzes…”

  1. yikes.. quiz overkill!!

  2. sarahmadson says:

    yea, isn’t it great!? haha, yes…I’m a dork

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