What to do…

Ok, here’s the elite update. Jared met with my parents thursday night. He said it was because he wanted to get to know them better. So he met up with them and they had pizza together and talked about me! Good grief! Does anyone else see a pattern forming here?! Anyhow, I’m past it. So right after he gets home…he calls me and reads me these really really sweet letters that he had written a few days before after talking to me, but that he didn’t mail. Oh my goodness, this boy can write! (hence the reason he’s an english major I think, haha). Anyhow, in those letters he said a gazillion times that he liked me quite a bit but then he would always follow it up with a disclaimer. Something like, I know I don’t have much, but I am willing to give you whatever God has blessed me with. Or something like, I know there are tons of other guys out there…you know? Like he just didn’t sound very confident in himself. So I told him that he had to tell me five good things that he liked about himself. I think by the end of the conversation I had only gotten him to say three real ones…the rest of the time he talked himself out of having to answer. haha, sneaky. All in all, he said the evening went very well and he left feeling confident. But when I talked to my mom, she said a lot of the same things he had said about their conversation, but she also said that she thinks I shouldn’t wait around for him. He keeps saying that he wants to wait until he has everything in place before trying to pursue anything…but my parents kept telling him that things aren’t ever going to be just perfect and that if he waited for something like that…he’d be waiting around forever. I dunno what to make of the situation. After talking to my mom I was left with the feeling that I had done all the work to get the relationship to the point it’s at right now. I don’t feel like he really fought for me at all. I’ve always been told that you should let a guy fight for you so that you know for sure that he really wants you. Now, more than ever, I’m understanding that concept. But, on another note, he said that he sent a letter to me that would explain exactly how he felt. So now I am waiting…and waiting…again. haha. Go figure? So that’s just the skinny of it…I don’t think this is the end…obviously. But you know what I mean.
Like I was telling Loreanne earlier this evening…I’ve been having a weird feeling like I’m in between stages or something. As though something really big is about to happen. I’m not sure what, but I feel like God is preparing me for something intense…I pray it’s a good thing. I don’t think I’m emotionally ready for any more 9/11’s. (Jamie if you don’t know what I’m talking about…ask Loreanne, she can give you the quick summary) 😉 So alas, I am once again back where I started! Confused! At least it’s a familiar place to be, hehe. So till next time…or until I think of some important detail that I forgot…I’ll keep you posted!

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