The Poster-child of SPU…

Hooray! I ate a salad tonight with some peaches and cottage cheese for dinner. I was very proud of myself.
Anyhow, after dinner I went to watch “The Mission” for my UCOR 2000 class. Interesting movie. I liked it…there is a lot in that movie that makes me want to gather my friends together to talk about it.
After that I went to GROUP and the Mosaic cadre did a performance about the masks people put on when they are with other people. The thing about that is while they were trying to show how everybody conforms to this ‘image’ that they think is ‘SPU’…they were sort of poking fun at the general stereotypes. I think the message they presented was awesome…but the fact of the matter is that when people glance at me they see the general stereotype. [white, blonde, blue-eyed, Christian…] I could go on. It was a terrible feeling. It made me miss my friends from home. It’s almost ironic. At home, everybody is so different that everybody fits in. It reminds me of my first few days at SPU, I had all these pictures of my friends up on the wall above my desk (no worries…I used plasti-tak) and I remember people stopping by to say hi and looking at my pictures with wide eyes. They looked at my pictures and asked, “Is this from a mission trip with your church?”
I responded, “No, that was taken at my birthday party.” You would think they had never seen a Mexican, an Asian, an African American, and a white girl all smiling in the same picture before. I thank God for blessing me with such wonderful and culturally diverse friends.

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