The Muppets Take Manhattan…

Ok, I’m a dork. hehe. Last night before Bible study, all us girls stopped by Safeway to pick up a few things. I ended up buying two boxes of Lucky Charms just to get the free DVDs. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to get 2 free episodes of The Jackie Chan Adventures or if I wanted the full length feature film of Muppets Take Manhattan…so I got both. haha. It was sooo worth it. I’m sure I can make use of all the cereal…I’m currently plotting to somehow turn all that cereal into a bunch of valentines.
Anyhow, Bible study was great last night…like always!
This last weekend I went on a ski retreat with our church. It was fun…even though I didn’t get to go skiing. I couldn’t afford it. I had to do some extra work just to be able to afford going on the trip. It was worth it.
It was interesting though. I was thinking of silly things to dare my friend Megan to do and I dared her to walk across this long beam running over our heads inside the cabin. She was like “I don’t think so.” And then she said, “but I’ll give you a dollar if you do it.” After looking up at the beam (which was a few feet over my head), I thought to myself “oh yea, I can do that” Of course, your perspective changes once you are standing on the beam (which was no wider than the width of my foot). I tried to be really sly and just climb up there when it was just my roommate and Megan watching, but no such luck…by the time I was half-way across the beam (and doing fine) I was stupid enough to look down and see all these eyes looking back up at me! I freaked out and turned back. hehe. It was scary! My knees were shaking really bad.
Then this guy has the nerve to challenge me and cross the beam the next night! But he cheated and he had his hand touching the ceiling to steady himself the whole time. Wuss! I didn’t have anything to hold onto!
Anyhow, the scaring of my pride was minimal…nothing I couldn’t recover from. haha. The sessions and worship were awesome. And even though I studied the whole time…I met some new friends and it was a time of refreshing.
This next weekend is family weekend and I’m looking forward to it more than I was last year. It will be nice to see my parents again. Sometimes I feel like every time I call I’m interrupting some big meeting. But I know they care about me and they are just really busy. It’ll be good to talk to them face to face without feeling like an interruption.
Life is busy but good. Tonight is the second meeting of my small group. It’s going to be a good one! I’m excited. I might actually be starting another “single and spectacular” small group because demand has been really high and I don’t want to lose the ‘smallness’ of the small group. Praise the Lord!
I can honestly say there is no better feeling than knowing that the Lord is using you. You can’t do wrong if you are doing the Lord’s will.
Well, with that…it’s back to work for me…

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