Praise the Lord!

Wow! It’s been a while since my last ‘real’ substantial post. There are many new blessings to talk about. But I’ll keep it short and elaborate later. First of all, I just got done with the first official meeting of the new small group I started, “Single and Spectacular”. I’m soooo excited! It went wonderfully and I can’t wait to see the amazing things God is going to work through that group. The girls are really into it and I can see that we are all going to learn a lot from each other.
School is good…but I’m praying for more focus and vision for where God is guiding me. He has presented a myriad of decisions and prospects for my future concerning my career. So many job opportunities have popped up! I’ve been encountered with other choices as well that are not related to school. I pray that God will show His will to me in those situations too.
The moon was beautiful the other night and I had the most wonderful prayer time and catch up time with a friend under the stars. I praise God for that too.
Work at the Falcon has been rough lately, but I feel that I can pull through…I just need a great lead. haha. Happenings on the SPU campus have not been forthcoming. So I’m waiting for a big break. Hopefully I will find myself in the right place at the right time eventually…I think it’s a knack I have yet to acquire. If anybody knows anything…please fill me in! My current article is about the Endowment fund and the Campaign that’s been going on. So yea, let me know if you have any thoughts, opinions or just commentary.
That’s about it for now folks!

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