No power…

The power went out this morning…so off to class I went with wet hair in the freezing cold. It was kind of fun. I mean, I had a great excuse to put my hair in a pony tail. (For those of you who don’t know…my roommate has made it her life’s ambition to never let me have my hair in a pony tail more than once a week…I will elaborate on this later.)
So I have been told to be careful about walking around with wet hair because apparently guys think that’s extremely ‘attractive’? I dunno…I didn’t hang around to listen to the conversation. I don’t really want to know what guys think is sexy, because I’ve seen what that kind of knowledge does to a girl. They become even more self-conscious and overly concerned with accessories and products. Not to mention they start spending way too much money. I prefer to be in the dark on such matters; well, except the given facts…such as what is modest. Which begs the question: Does a girl still have ‘power’ if she’s not sexy? hmmmm, interesting thought. I know what I think…but what do you think?
Anyhow, I’ve got some really exciting work opportunities in my future. If anything else, they seem like fun jobs…well, they’re not really jobs because I’m not really getting paid…but, whatever. After a really fun interview with the staff of KSPU, I think I’d like to get involved with the station. I really like the attitude of the people and I think it would look really good on a resume…not to mention the fact that it is still within my field of study. This could be an opportunity to do what I’m good at and help people out. Praise the Lord!
Once again, I am anxiously awaiting the new adventures that lay ahead.

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4 Responses to “No power…”

  1. It’s a ton of fun being involved with kspu. Probably the only really student run org on campus and a great outlet for an individuals talents and interests.

  2. nertles says:

    i agree, kspu rules…especially if you love constant hardship and working for free.
    in all honesty, i do actually love it.
    wet hair hypothesis: wet hair = recent shower. shower = nudity. etc. just a thought. i personally think wet hair is just wet hair.

  3. sarahmadson says:

    constant hardship? working for free? That’s no problem! I mean…honestly! I work for the Falcon!

  4. ‘power’ without being sexy
    I personally think that the ‘power’ you speak of has nothing to do with being sexy. I would say that femininity is what provides ‘power’. Unlike being sexy, femininity can be modest…and can reveal the qualities of a true lady(which both of us just happen to be). I think men respond with the same dumbfounded-ness to a lady who is modest, yet feminine in a way that most women aren’t anymore. Just my opinon…

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