Jamming to call holding tunes…

Here I am, still at the office…I’m taking a 10 minute evening break…*sigh* You know what’s neat? I called an insurance company today to get the policy number for a file before I closed it and they put me on hold for a while to check their data base. Initially I thought they were going to subject me to boring elevator music or some monotonous rant about how important my call is to them in that metallic-sounding computer generated voice. But to my surprise they had some pretty nice toe-tapping tunes! I was so excited about it that I decided to call back just to be put on hold, hehe. I put it on speaker phone so I could bust my moves unimpeded by a phone cord. 🙂
In related news, I attempted to implement my recycling plan in the office today. I had been working out a scheme to brush up our environmental-friendly tactics for a while now. I hate seeing recyclables thrown away. Last summer I made recycling bins and had mapped out a route to the nearest recycling center (which has recently been relocated…grrr). This year I called the nearest center and they are charging companies to recycle! What kind of incentive is that!?! They used to pay people to recycle, last time I checked. Now it’s all backward! I remember saving up cans with my elementary school to raise money…those were the good ‘ol days I suppose. *sigh* That really upset me. I mean, think about how much paper our school goes through! I remember sitting through Halloween distributing recycling bins…I wonder if our school got a tax exemption for that. Probably…I bet it’s a Washington thing. Gee wiz, and I thought California was the recycling capitol of the world. So now I am currently plotting alternative means by which to help preserve God’s green Earth and help my company to be environmentally friendly. *holding fist up in the air with a look of determination* I will stand strong and I will triumph!!! On with the mission!!!

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2 Responses to “Jamming to call holding tunes…”

  1. innout says:

    find another one
    just keep calling (although i know you won’t be around much longer). at least for cans/bottles/plastic they should pay you…i mean, you pay crv, you are able to get that back. as for paper, i don’t see a problem with a place taking it. just keep looking around.

  2. sarahmadson says:

    Re: find another one
    Thanks for your encouragement! I am definitly not budging on this one. Even when I do go back to school…I’m leaving all the information with one of the most persistant secretaries in our office and she promised to keep bugging them for me. hehe.

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