Back to the Future…

Well, the first week of classes has come and gone, once again I am confronted with questions concerning my future. The returning attention seems to beg the question, “If I am thinking about my future now…what do I think about when I am in the future?” I have come to the same conclusion that most people come to…when you have encountered the future, you think about your past. It’s a rather vicious cycle, isn’t it?
Today is my mother’s birthday…so all week I have been working on finishing the paintings I made for her. I finished last night and now I am waiting for them to be dry enough to pack up and mail. After I have put the last few strokes and finishing touches, I sat back and thought long and hard about a title for them. I came up with “Beautiful wings…and other fun things”. The subjects of my two part painting were two butterflies on one canvas and a bikini and a pair of socks on the other. I laid them out so that they correlate with each other. I’ll have to scan and post them some time, so you can see what I’m talking about. Anyhow, I’m glad their finished.
Last night was also our first Falcon meeting. I was excited to get back into my investigative groove with some new assignments. I had already started on some leads that I had come across earlier this week, so with that out of the way it was nice to just visit with my news section and the two new rookies who have hopped on board. My current investigation has to do with identity theft and the concerns that have been raised about having a student’s SSN on their ID card. With the number of ID cards that are miss placed every day, why do we allow such valuable information to be printed on it? If anyone has any thoughts or commentary concerning this issue, PLEASE PLEASE feel free to contribute your comments!
My last class was canceled today because my professor’s father isn’t doing so well. I can’t say much more than that because I don’t know all the details. But please keep him in your prayers.

I have come to another conclusion after reflecting on the events of this past break and my first week back at school… I suppose this analogy could be applied to just about anyone…but I have found it to be particularly accurate to my current situation. Some guys are like vanilla ice cream…they are wonderful and sweet just as they are, their attributes could be considered the foundation of all other flavors…but I have determined that what makes a guy notable are his toppings. What makes vanilla so wonderful is not just the fact that it tastes good alone, but it is also compatible and complimentary with so many other things. It’s the extra sprinkles, nuts, or whatever else that give vanilla a certain charm.

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2 Responses to “Back to the Future…”

  1. Sarah, I’ve been a victum of ID theft TWICE. Since then I have changed my ID card so it has a different student Id number rather than our SS#, which can be used to apply for credit cards, validate your identity, etc. If you want to talk about this lemme know.

  2. sarahmadson says:

    YES YES! I’ll catch you tomorrow? Will that work? I’d love to hear your story!!!

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