An Update for the select few…

I’ve decided that I’m tired of sharing my “special” personal life with the general public. I have discovered that it only gets me into trouble, hehe. So, those of you who can read this right now should consider yourselves loved and trusted, because you are the select few who I have decided to share my deepest darkest secrets and thoughts with. hehe. Well, maybe not the deepest and darkest, but at least some of the more embarassing or special moments worth recording.
So here’s the run down. I have been spending a lot of time with Jared recently. We have pretty much come clean with each other and have laid everything out on the table. We’re not persuing a relationship, but we have agreed that we do enjoy each other’s company and we both want to stay good friends. That’s all good with me! It just feels good to get all of that off my chest and finally tell him what I have been thinking about him all these years. And to find out that he feels the same is just amazing! *Sarah feels loved, hehe*
So we spent New Years Eve together because my mom didn’t want me driving anywhere, blah. I was somewhat irked by that, but at the same time I wasn’t complaining because I wasn’t alone. As the hand struck 12, Jared and I made a toast to friendship. (with cranberry juice, hehe) And he took and kissed my hand. It was really sweet. He made a little speech about how he knew the tradition of kissing someone on New Years, but he felt that, even though he really wanted to, it was better this way because he believed it to me more respectful to me. I was thinking, “wow, what a stud!” I really did feel more respected that way, besides, the kiss on the hand was just so charming! haha.
So yea, this Saturday he wants to take me out to the city and spend time with me before I go back to school. I told him it would have to be Saturday because I had planned on being with Loreanne on Friday and I wasn’t about to give up that time to a boy! haha. Girl-friends are always put before guy-friends.
Also, Jared hasn’t been the only one that I’ve spent time with this break. Brad took me out to the movies and we saw Lord of the Rings. That was fun, Brad is definitly a gentleman.
Quinn called me up and we hung out on the 27th. We went out to Starbucks and he told me all about his new interest at school. I’m so excited for him! He tells me she’s a lot like me in that she’s extremely devoted to God and she’s very involved in church.
I’ve also hung out with my buddy Lance a bit. It’s nice to see him again.
Well, I’m going to get back to painting and try to finish these pieces before I have to go back to school.

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