I’m sitting here trying not to finish my book. Why do I not want it to end? Not because it’s one of those ‘really good’ books, rather because I don’t want to be left without reading material for dinner tonight. It’s interesting how much of a multi-tasker I am. Despite the fact that I’m more than half way through the book, and I don’t even have to be done with it till Friday…I still like to look like I have something important to do while I’m eating alone in Gwinn. Haha! I know I know, I’m a goof-ball. What can I say?
Today has been a wonderful and beautiful day. I woke up early without the assistance of my alarm clock and laid in bed daydreaming for about an hour. I love daydreaming. Life itself is intricate, colorful and definitely worth waking up for…but daydreaming is to life as dew drops are to a rose. A rose is beautiful, but a rose with dew drops is a picture worth remembering.
My roommate and I went to Gwinn and read or books at our usual study table for a good part of the day. Every once in a while she would tap me to get my attention and I would follow her gaze, understand her message and we would smile at our secret inside jokes and resume our reading. I love that my roommate and I can carry on an entire conversation without a single word.
The highlight of my day I would say was finally seeing and (sort of) catching up with a friend. It was nice to get out of the world that I had been sucked into after reading that book all day. And it was even better to see the eyes and smiles of fellow SPUers that I had missed over break. What a blessing!

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