A profound, but not so new revelation…

I just finished reading about Rahab last night and the ending nearly brought me to tears. God comforted me once again by teaching me a lesson I’d already known for so long. Rahab had soooo much faith! But what made her more amazing was her incredible confidence and steady patience. She followed an invisible guide and she stuck to her guns without shame. Her focus was unwavering. I admire her in so many ways despite her past. But what really got me was the ending of her story…
in short, Rahab left her family and determined to follow God’s family in hopes of becoming one of His children. She camped out nearby and stayed there for days until finally Joshua let Salamon go see her. She was patient and confident in what she needed to do. And the Lord blessed her with a marvelous husband. He fought for her! That’s what got me. Salamon was patient and confident in the fact that he knew the Lord had chosen Rahab to be one of His own. And when Rahab turned down Salamon’s proposal (because she felt she wasn’t worthy of such a blessing), he persisted and pronounced his love for her. It was soooo beautiful! You girls should definitly read Francine Rivers women of the Bible series. I highly recommend it.

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