“Well paint me green and call me Gumby”

hehe, thanks best friend for those wonderful quotes! hehe I love Perfect Strangers!
Well, here I am, procrastinating again. blah. Makes me feel like a bum and what’s even worse is when you’re avoiding something you’re supposed to do and you have a bowl of Hershey’s chocolate right within arms reach. Very very bad idea. Bad chocolate BAD!
I woke up this morning and went to breakfast with my roommate. I but have looked frightening because when I was getting cereal, this guy looked at me with a frightened look. haha, sorry dude, but today was not a make-up worthy day, so deal.
After getting food I hobbled back up to Ashton to study more. I was hobbling because my ankles are all cut up and blistery from Ashton skate night. I love skating…but it’s been sooooo long! But it was worth the blisters. Plus I got to hold hands with three boys! *clapping with glee* They were cute boys too!
Yesterday after studying with Dan J, we were heading out to the main lounge so we wouldn’t have to interupt our studies again to leave the hall because of floor hours, and I opened the door to be greated by a hallway full of boys. yikes! We were raided by our brother floor. Fun stuff, I wish we’d get raided more often. So I had to ditch Dan J and go with the raidees. I got to talk with Chris. He’s such a stud. I apologized for leaving him during couples skate last Friday and I told him I owed him one. He said he wanted to have another “under the stars” conversation like we had before. So I promised him I’d do what I can. He’s hopefully going to call me either today or tomorrow. I can’t wait, it’ll be fun.
I was talking with a new friend last night and I was so encouraged to hear how God has been working in his life. I love hearing victory stories.
But during that conversation he said something that I’d heard many times before and never really thought about it whole-heartedly…he said “if you think about a guy for more total minutes during the day than you think aboug God, thats really bad”
I was thinking about it and what if you’re thinking about a guy a lot, but only because you’re praying for him? hmmm…I’m thinking this could be a very circumstantial issue…oh well, with that…it’s back to studying for me…weeeee.

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