The most interesting things are said when I’m not there…

So I’ve been home for 4 days now and life has been…well, I’m not quite sure how to describe it. Naturally, there have been good times, like seeing Loreanne again! and hanging out with Lance, good food, parties, talking with Quinn, hanging with Heather, candle lit quiet times; needless to say, the good has out-weighted the bad. The only bad I can really think of is that I miss my friends in Seattle and I get a little restless…feeling like I am supposed to be doing something constructive.
Anyhow, here I am, chillin’ in my new ‘painting room’, working on three different pieces that I’m doing for Christmas presents. I dropped Heather off today at the airport. She was tired and I could tell she just wanted to go home. Yesterday was a long day, haha.
Right now, my parents, my brother, his girlfriend and her parents are sitting downstairs discussing the wedding. Well, that’s what they are supposed to be doing. As soon as I walked upstairs to start my painting, I heard them talking about me! I was thinking “what in the world?! I’m not getting married…and they’re discussing that!” haha, I thought it was hilarious. They have more fun talking about my ‘singleness’ than my brother’s wedding! haha. I think it was fun for them simply because I wasn’t there. Who knows?!
I’m not sure what adventures the week ahead of me holds. Perhaps I’ll finish Christmas shopping tomorrow and work on my paintings. I spent $115 on paint supplies today, and that just covers 3 people’s presents. I’m going to be so broke. I figure I’ll only work in the office enough hours to make my account break even. The rest of the time I plan on hanging out with my best friend and I’m hoping I might get taken out on some dates, hahah! I know, I know, the chances of that happening are looking slim, but I can pray, right? hehe.
Well, back to my new ‘painting room’ (a.k.a. my bro’s old room).

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