Pros and Cons

So far, today, like every other day, has had it’s ups and downs and it’s only a little after 9:30. I got up and went to my art critique this morning. I was sort of stressed about it because I was at the art center till the wee hours last night trying desperately to finish this series I was working on. Praise the Lord, though, I got an A!!!! Plus my prof asked if he could keep some of my work for the Spring show! It’s kind of funny actually….when my prof was done critiquing the girl that came in before me, he told her he wasn’t going to have grades done for a while so he couldn’t say what her grade was just yet. Then he turns around and tells me I’ve got an A after my session. hehe. Score!!! One class down, three more to go!
So that was the pro for the day so far, here’s the con. There’s this guy that I have crossed paths with everyday this quarter on my way to Com class. And every time I would say “Hi! How are you doing?” and he would say “I’m well, thank you!” And that would be the extent of our interaction. No more, no less. Well, today I passed him and I said my usual “Hi! How are you?” and he just gave me this look like “Who gave you small talk privileges?!” I was kind of discouraged by the scowl, but I’m over it. Well, ok, so it’s not that bad but I was sort of put out by it. Who wouldn’t be? It’s probably just the stress of finals, I think I’ll add him to my prayer list.

P.S. Two more days until I come home Loreanne! Then it’s party time!

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