Praise the Lord for Friday!

I wonder if all businesses have casual Friday. Today is casual dress Friday in the office…it’s nice. I would live in jeans and a t-shirt if I could. Commute this morning went well…with the two new lanes on the San Mateo Bridge, traffic flow is a lot smoother and we only got flipped off twice! People must be in a good mood because of the season. hehe. I spent the night at my bro’s new place last night. We stayed up late eating Lucky Charms and talking about how life is changing. I love my brother. I hope I find a guy with a character as versatile as his. My brother can be serious when it’s necessary and the rest of the time he has a great sense of humor. He can always make me smile. I think that’s a very important attribute for a guy to have…the ability to make you smile. Anyhow, we had fun, like we always do. This morning in the car he was singing along with that new Coldplay song…it was hilarious! Well, mostly because my brother can’t sing worth beans, hehe, and he didn’t know the words so he would just sing the high notes. Haha. He had some crazy seat-dancing grooves going on too! He’s borrowing his fiance’s little Plymouth and he was honking the horn every chance he got because the horn sounds like a pager beep. He found this very amusing…he was like a little kid with a new toy. Haha, I’ve never heard a horn like this in my life…he honked it at this old man who was walking down the street this morning and the guy looks around and then checks his cell phone to see if what he heard was his phone ringing. haha.
The Cintas uniform service guy, Ken, came this morning to get our orders for the week. Ken is a funny little guy…not much older than myself and he’s always trying to be smooth with me and stuff. He’s a goofball. He always gives us discounts and stuff, so after I give him our order and he runs through everything he says to me “So where’s my gift? Whatcha got for me?” I hand him two pens, a pocket-size lint roller and a bottle of Martinelie’s Sparkling Cider. hehe. I think he had something a little bit different in mind, but oh well! hehe.
So…lemme see…what else is new and exciting??? OH! My brother is proposing to Heather tonight! But…shhhh…it’s a secret. haha. My parents, my bro and I were all discussing different ways that he could cleverly propose. I gave him plenty cute ideas, but I think he’s going to go with the old fashion restaurant deal. It’ll be super cute whatever he does, because he’ll do it in a way that is all his own. And gee wiz, it’s not like she’s gonna say no. She already has the dress!
Hmmm…today is going really slow compared to yesterday. I think I’ll go do a few more laps around the office and then make a paper clip chain…I haven’t done that for a while.

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3 Responses to “Praise the Lord for Friday!”

  1. propheceye says:

    Ok this is a really stupid question but arn’t you supose to propose *before* setting the date and booking the chapel?

  2. sarahmadson says:

    yea, I know…it’s all backwards. But apparently that’s the way they’re doing it these days because you have to have all your reservations and such made a year and a half in advance! I think it ruins it though…takes away the surprise. But to each his own, eh?

  3. propheceye says:

    Don’t need no stinking reservations… Vegas here we come!

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