Notable Women in my life…

I felt it only fair to give tribute to the notable women in my life,as I pointed out the wonderful men in my life previously. I am surrounded with wonderful female influences and encouragement. It is an amazing blessing to have such women of integrity, comfort, and encouragement to help me along as I traverse the path God has laid before me. Friends, I thank you for your grace and elegance. I would like to encourage you to continue to be strong and allow God to carry on His great will through you. Blessings!

Loreanne: My best friend. She has always been there for me, for as long as I can remember. I could write a whole book about how she has graced my life. I love her more than any other. Just read previous entries…she has saved me a gazillion times and has forgiven me many times more than that. Her smile is beautiful and her laugh is musical. I thank God for her.

Roommate: I love my roommate too. She has a bright smile, an optimistic, Godly perspective on life, hugs for everyone and a heart for people. She has always been an encouragement to me and I wouldn’t want to room with anyone else. Just like Loreanne, she has put up with my annoying idiosyncrasies and my busy schedule. We work well together and I can always trust her opinion.

Cassie: Cassie rocks my world! We have a lot in common and it’s like she always knows what I’m thinking because she’s been there before. She’s a great friend an an accountable night-time prayer buddy. She’s also my kung-fu movie pal!

Emily: Emily has been a friend since the diaper days. She’s always smiling and laughing. She’s responsible and we always have a good time when we get the chance to hang out.

Heather: I’ve just recently gotten to know Heather. But she has got to be one of the most Godly women I know. She’s responsible and down to earth. She’s strong and doesn’t let things blind her to the task at hand. She also has a very nurturing spirit.

Jade: Jade is fun. She’s a kindred spirit in the journalism world. Jade and I share the same ambitions to be strong women of God and a strong voice for the voiceless. We are the lone blondes in the office and we stick together!

Jamie: Jamie is an awesome warm hearted girl that I’d love to get to know better. I met her through Loreanne, so I know she’s quality. haha. She’s fun-loving and a really nice dresser, hehe. She has a good sense of humor and she’s always fun to hang out with. We love you Jamie!

Anu: Anu has a very sweet, soft spoken spirit. She has a love for children and an innocent heart. I have known Anu for a really long time and we have shared many adventures together. God has, and will continue to use Anu in wonderful ways.

Nerdalie: This girl cracks me up. She’s got an opinion and she’s not afraid to share it. Although her first impression may be stand-off-ish, she’s really a fun girl to hang out with. She’s relaxing and carefree.

Andrea: Andrea and I used to be really close, but I haven’t had the chance to see her in a long time. I pray I will be able to strengthen this relationship again soon. Andrea is a wild girl. She’s fun and a great concert buddy. We’ve had a lot of good times.

Brynn: Brynn is another really close friend that I’m sad to say, I don’t get to see much of. She’s really smart and intellectual, but she can be goofy too. Brynn and I share a lot of similarities and we grew up together. We have a ton of great memories and I hope we will be able to make more.

There are a gazillion more “Notable Women” in my life, but alas, I’m afraid my lunch break is over. I will continue the list at a later date. Many attributes are worth noting and the traits that I have listed above with the women I’ve mentioned are only a few virtues that they possess. These women are overflowing with wonderful characteristics deserving praise. I only pray that others see what I see when I look at these amazing women.

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  1. tikijam says:

    awww thank you sarah! you’re too sweet 🙂

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