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PoluOwau: I have (and still have) quite a load of work on my plate
PoluOwau: and it’s not like it hasn’t always been like that….it’s just that there were some other non-academic factors in there as well
PoluOwau: you know how it is
lukepuke82: i’m with ya…i don’t write for the paper, but i work four days a week
PoluOwau: yea, I can imagine that can get pretty crazy as well
lukepuke82: eh…i know exactly what your talking about
lukepuke82: how is that going
PoluOwau: the paper?
PoluOwau: or the class paper?
lukepuke82: the extra STUFF
PoluOwau: haha, well apparently, in the words of this individual, “I’m just like all the rest (refering to women)”
PoluOwau: I felt so bad
PoluOwau: blah
lukepuke82: i do know a few girls who say, “blah”…i mean this honestly
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: then it must be true
PoluOwau: I AM like all the others!
lukepuke82: is he mad at you…or
PoluOwau: well, I thought I made it clear in the very beginning….but I guess I didn’t make it clear enough and I suppose he feels that he wasted time and energy being with me
lukepuke82: well…everybody wants activity, but i would say it is important to be very careful…need to be sure before you get involved
lukepuke82: i atest!
PoluOwau: well, honestly…that is ridiculous
PoluOwau: okay, so perhaps that wasn’t ALL he was looking for
PoluOwau: but that sure seemed like what he was hitting at
PoluOwau: I made it clear in the beginning (when I first met him) that I wasn’t interested in anything more than a friendship
PoluOwau: but then later on he gets all frustrated and says that he’s annoyed that I don’t ‘open up’ more
lukepuke82: he probably “noticed” changes in the way you were “getting along”…decided to act on it…frustrated with response
PoluOwau: yea, probably
PoluOwau: I was soooo careful too
PoluOwau: I hate to hurt anyone
PoluOwau: and I hate having to sound like a walking cliche
PoluOwau: you know?
PoluOwau: because most of the time I do value their friendship
PoluOwau: just like I value your friendship or my roommate’s friendship
PoluOwau: but they take it as a slap in the face
PoluOwau: or a slap in their ego rather
PoluOwau: it’s understandable
PoluOwau: a lot of girls abuse that line
lukepuke82: it feels like that…making out is physical form of acceptance
lukepuke82: honestly
lukepuke82: thats why people like that type of (love)
PoluOwau: here was his initial confession, tell me what this says to you…
PoluOwau: ” so you are really the one person that has figured me out so well and given me the impression that you had some respect for me. I may have got carried away a little but with your Lxx Vxxxx story i figured that i needed to get this out. Xxxxx i like you. You are very beautiful and you have one of the greatest minds i have encountered. I had hoped to continue things on but i have a strong feeling this is something that you are not completely game for this. Quite frankly, I am not certain you really know what you want, or what you are comfortable in doing, hence the rules. That is my confession. I am sure you kinda already knew this. Now i am going to go feel bashful and cry.”
lukepuke82: ….
lukepuke82: sounds like check mate
lukepuke82: trying to convince you or
PoluOwau: what do you mean?
lukepuke82: direct your responses at least in the direction of what he wants
PoluOwau: what does he want?
lukepuke82: he wants to have “fun with you”
lukepuke82: probably not just that, but that
PoluOwau: yea, and I took that to mean that
PoluOwau: which is why I was taken back by it
PoluOwau: ‘that’, in the terms I assumed he meant it, was a slap in the face to me
lukepuke82: i dont know the guy, but i have done the same thing before…not thinking of it that way, but doing because of my wants
lukepuke82: not a slap in the face, he wants it for a reason…his compliments are not lies
lukepuke82: …but he is still wanting something
PoluOwau: yea, well, he wanted me to chuck my ‘rules’ and open myself up to him, even though he knew I wasn’t comfortable with that
lukepuke82: exactly…be careful
PoluOwau: this guy is really smart and perceptive…which is why I’m curious that he doesn’t know better
lukepuke82: activity can cloud things(i know this…eh)
lukepuke82: …ah, sarah, he is demonstrating human nature
PoluOwau: well, the thing is I hardly ever even touched him…not even like bumping into him wil walking or anything
PoluOwau: you know how I am….I’m not at all ‘touchy’
PoluOwau: and I think that bothered him
PoluOwau: in fact, I’m pretty sure it really bothered him
lukepuke82: yeah…yeah…
PoluOwau: which is fascinating because I don’t think I’ve ever come across a person who was uncomfortable about not being touched, even casually
PoluOwau: does that make sense?
lukepuke82: maybe he was uncomfortable with not getting what he hoped for
lukepuke82: this is funny to me…
lukepuke82: he uses the word comfortable…
lukepuke82: because he is hoping it will ignite you to make him comfortable…a little tip from a guy, Xxxxx
lukepuke82: i hate to say it, but it is the truth…girls do it too
PoluOwau: I think you are right

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