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It’s amazing how God works. But of course, we all knew that already. hehe. But I like that He keeps reminding me. I was so excited yesterday because I got to talk to Jared! I haven’t actually had a chance to talk to him in a long time. He called me and we got caught up until Chris came by. He was trying to call me to go out for a while. But, hehe, I was on the phone. That never happens! My roommate is the one who’s usually on the phone. It was so weird! Anyhow, I had to say goodbye to Jared. Hopefully I’ll be seeing him over break.
From there I went out with Chris. I owed him one from my antics at Ashton skate. I’d explain, but it’s too shameful. *blush* Bottom line is that I owed him and so we went out to coffee to make up for it. I tried to pay, but he beat me to it! Normally I’d be like “hey, that’s pretty slick”, but I felt like I should have paid, considering I was the one who owed him. But anyhow, we had a good time and it was nice to just chill instead of getting stressed the night before finals.
It’s especially nice with Chris, he’s just an awesome person to talk to because you know he’s really listening. So after I got back from hanging out with Chris, I checked my voicemail and I had a call from Dan J wanting to know if he could see some of my art work before I left for home. So I figured I’d take him to the art center to see some work before I really got in the groove of studying and working on my take home final. We walked down to the art center and I showed him around and we talked for a while. It was nice. It was fun to see how fascinated he was by art. Being an EE major, stuff like art is not something that comes naturally. haha. So then he walked me back to my room…a total gentleman…I give him props. Then I got my stuff done for today…I was up until 4am, but I wasn’t the least bit tired. That was a blessing. I’m not sure how I did on my finals, but I’m glad they are over and out of the way. After I finished those I came back to the room to finish packing and say goodbye to my roommate. She left for home a while ago. I also said goodbye to Jimmy. He’s staying at a friend’s house so I don’t have to worry about taking him on the plane when I leave tomorrow. My desk is so empty without him! So that brings me to where I am right now. I can’t wait to see what adventures the evening holds!

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