Making the grade…

I just checked my grades and unfortunately I’m not too proud of myself…I mean, I’m happy and all, but I just hate that feeling you get when you know you could have done better. Oh well, so it goes!

Painting Studio – A
Bio Science:Human Nutrition – C+ <-yuck, this is what kills me. Intro to Interpersonal Comm - B+ <-this one sorta irks me too. Newspaper Production - A All in all, adding up to a GPA of 3.82. Ouch, I hate not living up to my own standards! But I learned so much beyond the classroom that I feel somehow justified in my slacking.
My brother’s engagement was announced this morning in church. Weddings weddings weddings! Everywhere I turn people are talking about getting engaged or planning a wedding. It’s sweet and all, but for pete’s sake…I’ve spent so much time trying not to think about that stuff! I don’t like to think about it too much. To me it’s like thinking about summer time when it’s only September…or dreaming about your license when you’re 5 years old…all you achieve is making yourself hopelessly anxious for something that seems practically ‘forever away’. Yesterday I went to the wedding of a really close family friend. I can remember my parents and his parents sitting around the dinner table one time making bets on who would get married first. Well, haha, I hope my parents didn’t lose too much money on that bet. 🙂 I felt like his wedding was a rehearsal for my brother’s wedding. I was selected to stand up and give a little speech about growing up with John and what a wonderful brother he was to me. I told a funny story about how he used to catch creatures in the lake up by our cabin…I described the fond memories I had of us chasing our brothers around with big snapping turtles or putting frogs in their sleeping bags. *sigh* Good times.
I got to see Bradford last night too. It was nice to have the company since my parents dropped me off after the wedding and went shopping for last minute Christmas presents. I was painting and he rings me up and asks if I had any good movies. I thought he was asking because he wanted to borrow one instead of spending money on a rental at Blockbuster (especially since it’s common knowledge that my family has a selection that might put Blockbuster to shame – and we don’t charge a cent). I said, “of course.” – all the while thinking that he was just gonna swing by, pick a few and leave. When he gets to my house, I answer the door, (looking all grubby in my painting clothes), and he says “Ok, I’ve narrowed it down to romantic comedy or action, what do you want to watch?” HAHA. So naturally I chose action. We watched U-571 and he told me all about the sub machine gun course he took last weekend (the same one that I was going to go to, but I couldn’t because of work) and he told me about the motorcycle classes he was taking.
He took his final test today and he told me he’d give me a ride as soon as he got his bike…I’m pretty excited.
I got to see Jared today at church. It was nice to see his smile again. He told me he’d give me a call after he had lunch with his family…but alas, I have not heard from him yet. Oh well. I also got to see my jr.high Bible study girls! I was so excited to see them! I told them I was planning an after-Christmas/New Year’s party for them sometime in Jan. They are going on a jr.high retreat, so that was the soonest they’d be available. I can’t wait to get the update on how their lives have been since I left.
So yea, I think my painting is dry enough to work on again…I’ve stalled long enough to let it set. Hmmm, speaking of art, that reminds me of something super exciting that happened at the wedding…I was hired to do another portrait! I’m pretty jazzed…I still get compliments on the last one I did *props to me* although that was a while ago. I need to practice so I don’t jump into it while I’m still rusty.
*Final thought – I write too much, heh*

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