Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s back to (fill in the blank with explicative) I go…

So yea, once again I am on a break and I’m back at work. (therefore, technically not getting a break at all.)The first few days back at home were nice and relaxing. I got to hang out with my friends and sleep in. I had an especially fun day yesterday hanging out with Loreanne, Jamie, Natalie, Kenny and Tim.
But alas, I now am obligated to grow up and be responsible. Blah. I had to come back to the office today and work work work. Fortunately I was not bored. In fact, we had to stop taking calls after a while because we were so booked! We’ve never had to do that. It’s the storm and it’s the season…there are disasters popping up everywhere that cry out for our assistance. Anyhow, I was running around all day today.
I’m kind of bummed because Bradford was supposed to call me. We were supposed to hang out last night or tonight but I haven’t heard from him at all for two days. He’s probably bogged down with finals or something. I will add him to my prayer list tonight.
Jared is coming home Friday…I look forward to that. And…hmmm, what else is there to be excited about? hmmm, well, I can’t seem to think of anything other than Christmas shopping…even though I have most of that done already.
*sigh* I want to go home!!!! I’m still stuck in this blasted office…*thinking to self* “my goodness, I’m cranky…I need to change my attitude.”
Final thought: I want to go home, get in some comfortable painting clothes, turn on my music and paint the night away. The end.

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