First Rain…

propheceYe: send some of that rain up there down here…
propheceYe: we need rain
PoluOwau: really
propheceYe: we need first rain!
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: bummer about that
propheceYe: yeah… I want to see hundreds of nakid people darn it
propheceYe: someone fell through a window on the 4th story today into the quad…
PoluOwau: oh my word!
PoluOwau: are they okay?
propheceYe: janae said he was still alive…
propheceYe: she could see him from her room window
PoluOwau: dang!
propheceYe: yeah…
PoluOwau: that would leave a mark
propheceYe: a bit… I think he might have been on drugs
PoluOwau: oh no, that’s terrible!
PoluOwau: at least he was happy on the way down
PoluOwau: hehe
PoluOwau: sorry, that was wrong of me to say
propheceYe: heh
propheceYe: I can’t imagine he was too happy at all if he was tweaking out like that
PoluOwau: well, this is true
propheceYe: whats been going on up there?
PoluOwau: the usual
PoluOwau: rain, work and studying
propheceYe: you need to start a first rain tradition up there
PoluOwau: really? what should I do for first rain?
propheceYe: get a bunch of people togother and go out and streak and dance in the rain… guess it wouldn’t be first rain then though… you would have to do it next year
PoluOwau: well, today was the first ‘real rain’
propheceYe: you should out danging naked right now then
PoluOwau: mkay
PoluOwau: hang on
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: j/k
propheceYe: you know you want to
PoluOwau: but my roommate and I both agree that we should create a first rain tradition
PoluOwau: perhaps puddle jumping would be appropriate
propheceYe: yes… puddle jumping… nekid!
PoluOwau: hmmm, no…not so much
PoluOwau: haha
propheceYe: you have to carry a little peice of santa cruz up there to seatle
propheceYe: atleast go run around in the rain… with clothes I supose
PoluOwau: I could do that
PoluOwau: at least
PoluOwau: maybe I’ll just get a bunch of people to run around in shorts and tank tops
PoluOwau: would that suffice?
propheceYe: no but go have your non-naked fun 🙂
PoluOwau: oh I will
propheceYe: well go around and try to get other people to run around naked
propheceYe: when you are running around in shorts and tank tops
PoluOwau: hey, now there’s a plan! haaha
propheceYe: get to work
propheceYe: go go
PoluOwau: well, I actually have to install XP now
PoluOwau: so I’ll talk to ya later!
PoluOwau: bye
propheceYe: no
propheceYe: nooooooooooo
propheceYe: XP is evil!
propheceYe: burn XP
propheceYe: XP is of satan!
PoluOwau: mkay, I’ll make a mental note
PoluOwau: later Kxxxx!

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  1. xp is satan
    go macs!

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