Day of (male) redemption…an edifying conversation…

PoluOwau: how’s life treating you?
lukepuke82: some weird stuff going on but stuff is alright…you know…rolling with the punches
PoluOwau: what sort of weird stuff?
lukepuke82: you girls…trying to stay friends…tough to do once activity has started
PoluOwau: what do you mean?
lukepuke82: you have to know Xxxxx…activity…changes things a lot
PoluOwau: yea, this is true
PoluOwau: I’ve hardly had time to breath
PoluOwau: but you know what?
lukepuke82: what Xxxxx
PoluOwau: today…in all honesty…has been a day of redemption
lukepuke82: continue…and define
PoluOwau: several guys have redemed the male status on my mental scale
lukepuke82: …
PoluOwau: I was having a hard time seeing the male species as a worthy creature
PoluOwau: but you and a few others have given hope to what seemed to be a lost cause
PoluOwau: thank you
lukepuke82: you know whats lame?
PoluOwau: what’s that?
lukepuke82: there are few people with the RIGHT mindest
lukepuke82: makes it difficult to find
PoluOwau: find what?
lukepuke82: true (companionship) from the other sex…this is what i get out of what your saying(standards/principles/ideologies/morals)…
PoluOwau: this is true…very true
lukepuke82: and compromising is tempting…or can be(for me at least)…kxxx [*his roommate*] sets me straight
PoluOwau: it’s a blessing to have such loyal accountability
lukepuke82: yeah…we have a thing going called OPPortunity
lukepuke82: did i tell you about that
PoluOwau: nope
PoluOwau: do share
lukepuke82: the costco environment that we are in all the time is both a good and bad thing…
[*he and his roommate work at Costco*]
lukepuke82: tempting environment in terms of the friends that we have there
PoluOwau: right, I can relate
lukepuke82: exposes you to vulger language, being loose(with the opposite sex), drinking-important to take advantage of how just about everyone likes us
lukepuke82: be an example…be different
lukepuke82: show them a lifestyle of meaning
PoluOwau: cheers to that!
lukepuke82: it may sound weird to you, but it is very apparent to me and kxxx…thats what we call OPPortunity
lukepuke82: we say OPP to remind us of our goal when in certain (s)ituations
PoluOwau: it reminds me of a verse in Ephessians
lukepuke82: ya…
PoluOwau: “Be careful then how you live-not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity,because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”
lukepuke82: I like that-supremely true
PoluOwau: It’s one of my favorite verses…Ephesians 5:15-17
lukepuke82: makes things very clear…opens your eyes
PoluOwau: coolness
[*Then we discussed how his sister was coming to visit and she wanted to visit me in Ashton…*]
PoluOwau: coolness, we’ll give her a tour
lukepuke82: plus, I need one too
PoluOwau: I thought you’ve seen Ashton
PoluOwau: weren’t you seeing a girl that lived in Ashton last year?
lukepuke82: not your floor though
PoluOwau: oh, I see
lukepuke82: oh…that did not work
PoluOwau: bummer
lukepuke82: no…she is a climber chick…not very feminine…not for me at all
PoluOwau: it’s nice to hear you say that as well…good grief…you’re racking in all the brownie points today!
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: it’s nice to know that guys still go for feminine girls
lukepuke82: things work out the way they’re supposed to…i wonder to…its natural
PoluOwau: yea, but it’s still hard to see it sometimes
lukepuke82: look at it this way
lukepuke82: when you do meet the ONE(being cheesy)-everything in the past is simply progressive history
lukepuke82: but…
lukepuke82: history still has to take place…i guess…dont know if i said that the way i think it
PoluOwau: haha, no worries, that happens to me all the time
PoluOwau: but I know what you mean
PoluOwau: it’s all in your spiritual perspective
PoluOwau: but that’s a view that very few people have chosen to see the world with
lukepuke82: aha…things look bleak because God just wants us(everyone) to trust Him
PoluOwau: it’s just that these past few days, guys have not been demonstrating their best qualities and it has somewhat tarnished my better perspective
PoluOwau: but like I said, today was the day of redemption
PoluOwau: ๐Ÿ™‚
lukepuke82: Xxxxx…imagine what I see with really pretty girls at costco…that are trash(in the way they live)
PoluOwau: I can imagine
lukepuke82: makes things look bleak…they’re the girls i’m around(unfortunately), not spu girls who have more potential for character
lukepuke82: i work too much…
PoluOwau: I think it’s great that you are seeing God in the environment around you
PoluOwau: whether or not you are working, I think that God has instilled in you the desire to see Him in the world around you
PoluOwau: hence, the reason you are noticing all these things

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3 Responses to “Day of (male) redemption…an edifying conversation…”

  1. start using <lj-cut> tags in your entries.. these IM conversations tend to make the friends pages long. thx!

  2. sarahmadson says:

    how do I do that?

  3. trademehalos says:

    ha I was just about to tell you the same thing…four long conversations in a row! a bit much my dear. this guy sounds pretty nice…although..lukepuke? charming. good luck on finals!
    P.S. he told you how to do it. type the lj-cut with the signs before the entry. It will say (Read more…)
    or you can type in text that you want between the parenthesis (but turn this around->)>lj-cut text=”Sarah needs to learn how to do this”> ๐Ÿ˜› make sure you use the quotes too. hehe (I don’t know how to show you without lj thinking I’m doing an lj tab and making it disappear. I’m not so talented… ๐Ÿ™‚

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