Another interesting conversation with Kenny

propheceYe: met any more guys up in Seattle?
PoluOwau: nope, not really
PoluOwau: I mean, I meet a lot of guys
PoluOwau: but none that really strike a cord
propheceYe: hmm, I think you are too picky
PoluOwau: you can never be too picky
propheceYe: when you narrow out the entire human race…
propheceYe: you will be married to an alien
propheceYe: named Gornak. he will have large green tentacles but he will have everything that is lacking with the men on earth
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: like what?
propheceYe: he will be able to cook you dinners AND decapitate chickens while blindfolded
PoluOwau: sweet
PoluOwau: just what I’ve always wanted in a man
PoluOwau: haha
propheceYe: he will also NOT slap your butt and call you charlie
propheceYe: and he will listen to john tesh but only when you are not looking
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: ok, I can handle that
propheceYe: but yeah… if the whole invasion and enslavement of earth thing doesn’t happen though, you will probably just never marry
PoluOwau: probably
PoluOwau: because I’m just too picky
propheceYe: or you will become a lesbian crack whore living on the streets of tuscon arizona. both possibilities have an equal chance of happening in my mind but I think there is something wrong with me
PoluOwau: guess I’ll have to deal
PoluOwau: well, I don’t like crack so much
PoluOwau: that might be a problem
propheceYe: hrm… heroin could work too
propheceYe: or coke
PoluOwau: umm…not so much
propheceYe: but if the lesbian thing works for you I met some very nice lesbian ladies in santa cruz…
PoluOwau: nawh, I like boys
propheceYe: hrm
propheceYe: oh well

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