Wonderful, uneventful day…

Today was beautiful, until it started raining. I woke up early and took a nice hot shower in the good stall that has water pressure. What made the shower even better was that I had plenty of time to shave my legs *sigh*. Such a nice feeling! So I had a lovely start to my Saturday. I grabbed my book and got to Gwinn at about 8am and made myself a lovely waffle with strawberries and whip cream. Honestly, it was alright, but the strawberries tasted kind of weird. But it filled me up. I sat in Gwinn reading ‘Catcher in the Rye’ (this book is outside-of-class reading, which is what makes it fun to read – simply because I’m not forced to read it, haha) and sipping a mug of hot chocolate until about 11:30am. Then I went back up to Ashton and sat in the lounge and read a few more chapters. I have one chapter left to read and I’m anxious to find out what happens.
After sitting in the main lounge for a while I decided I wanted to work on my painting. So I gathered my cds and headed down to the art center at about 12:30. I got to the room in the art center where I usually paint and found that the cd player was missing! But thankfully I brought my discman for just such emergencies. To my surprise I pop open my discman and Praise the Lord! There’s my missing Silverchair cd!!!! I was so excited! So I happily painted away while listening to Silverchair until about 5:30. Then I remembered that dinner in Gwinn only goes until 6pm. By this time I look outside and it’s dark and rainy. Blah. But I go back up the hill, find my roommate cleaning, I grab her and drag her to Gwinn. From Gwinn I went straight to Johnny’s place to watch CSI. It was a good one. But unfortunately I didn’t get to watch all the episodes that he recorded for me because his friends called him to go out to a movie and a club that is for 21 and up. So he walked me back and so here I am. I ran around looking for a VCR, but alas…they are all being used. The VCRs on the guy floors are occupied by guys that have girls over to watch movies and the VCRs on the girls floors are occupied by girls who have guys over to watch movies. Bummer. Oh well, perhaps eventually I’ll have some cash to get a cheap VCR or convince my parents to let me bring back one of the 50 VCRs we have at home! haha.
I’m super excited for tomorrow because after church I’m being taken out to lunch and after that *squeal of joy* I’m going to go to an overnight at Heather’s new place! It’s gonna be fun and I always enjoy having something to look forward to. So now I’m gonna be a good girl and study for a while. So I shall leave you with my random thought for the day…do animals blush? Can you even embarrass an animal?

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2 Responses to “Wonderful, uneventful day…”

  1. trademehalos says:

    yay for finding the silverchair cd! And all that time we blamed it on Josh. You should check every where next time before you start pointing our fingers. 😛

  2. sarahmadson says:

    haha, ya I know. *hanging head in shame* I could have sworn I checked there the first time though! Go figure.

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