Well, here’s the scoop. I spent all of last night working at the Falcon. Yippi. It actually wasn’t that bad and I feel that the time spend with my comrads was most constructive. Plus I got a free frosty from Wendy’s out of the deal. Yummy. The sad part is that all the articles I wrote for the paper today are concerning the rampid crime on the campus of SPU *gasp!* Could it be that our little SPU bubble has finally popped and a wave of crime has hit our sheltered enviroment…spoiling it’s perfectness? Oooorrrr, could it be that people are finally reporting all the crime that has been happening all along? Hmmmm *thinking*…I think this is an issue that would take up too much space. So I’ll just leave you with those thoughts to stick in your pocket and save for when you have more time to dwell on them.
I got another blind date. Super crazy story involved in this random matching. It turns out that this was the same guy that my roommate randomly called up last year to see if he would go on a roomies date with me. And, well, to put it simply, he probably thinks I’m a crazy crazy girl. I’m not sure though. There’s more to the story, but nothing exciting enough to take note of.
Side Note and disclaimer for this entry: My head is a snow globe of thoughts and things to remember.

I am busy, but content. I miss Loreanne…I’m coming home soon! I miss cuddling….with my kitties. There are cute boys all around…nice work God, but no thanks. It’s funny how all the good looking people come out when you’re looking like a mad mountain woman, rrraaawwwrrr! hehe. I’m enjoying the scruffy look. I’m also enjoying my closeness with God through all the recent commotion. I was reminded two days ago that I am a ‘Rules Girl’. J hasn’t called back yet. It’s been 5 days and I can’t call back; because it’s against the rules. It’s interesting how you can learn a lesson over and over and have it be new everytime. I finished my book that I was reading, I was unsatisfied with the ending. I plan on reading The Giver next because I heard it was a trippy book. I’m happy that I have made time for free reading. I’ve also been studying about fasting…I think I’m going to try it next week. Jimmy is a happy fish…my roommate’s fish are psycho. There are a number of psycho girls on our floor this week, I think they are all PMSing at the same time. bummer. I have class in a few minutes…I have a lot to get done. bummer again. I should go…that is all!

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  1. Not to rant on the falcon.. but I notice that news seems to get shuffled every three years. I remember Sophomore (or maybe freshman year too) there was all these articles about crime on campus. Maybe there’s not enough other controversies on campus happening to produce news that people haven’t heard or seen before.

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