Quick run-down

I’m going to Heather’s new apartment for an overnight! hooray!
I talked to my mom today and was excited to hear that my brother is going to move into his new apartment next week! *sniffle* He’s growing up so fast! hehe
Also, I was taken out to lunch today by the guy I went on my first blind date with. He’s a swell guy and he’s fun to hang out with. Although he found it odd that I don’t call boys. haha, I guess I’m just an old fashion gal! haha
My mom also told me today that my cousin Brian came for a visit and stayed for a night to take his fireman test for the Oakland Department. He’s so excited about joining the department. He’ll make an awesome fireman. I bet he passed with flying colors.
So even though my mom is sad that my brother is moving out, she sure seemed to perk up when she started telling me all the plans that she has to utilize the new space, haha. She’s going to turn that into the upstairs recreation room and then turn our current upstairs room into a guest room. What’s really cool for me is that she made the comment “So it’ll be like you have your own apartment upstairs for when you come home!” haha, that’s exactly what I was thinking Mom!
Finally, my roommate just got back from hanging out with her dad all day. She brought home some fish from Petco to go in the tank I brought for her. She didn’t get a betta fish though. She got these super hyper, cat-fish looking things. They’re cute and all, but good grief…they haven’t slowed down at all since she got them situated! I told her she should name them Dumb and Dumber because they are not too bright. They keep swimming behind the filter tube and getting stuck. haha. I guess Jimmy has set the bar high on my fish standards. He’s such a trooper! Props for Jimmy!

Question for the day: Do fish get headaches? Because my roommate’s fish sure are giving me a headache…they just keep going around and around and around and around….

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