I’m a dork

Well, I’m a dork. I tried to be sneaky and send an annonymous encouragement email to RHMC guy by sending it through my non-SPU email address. The thing is I completely forgot about the profile that is set up with that email address. So my full name showed up next to my address when he recieved it!! So much for being Mystery Girl. haha. Hopefully he doesn’t think I’m too much of a weirdo. I suppose there’s no time like the present to let your true colors shine, eh?
Also, I met up with another blind date this morning. He’s a pretty cool guy. A good conversationalist and a thoughtful listener. He’s a ‘super senior’ and former Hill Hall resident. (haha, you know they are quality if they’re from Hill Hall). So yea, we went and got hot beverages at Tully’s up on Queen Ann. It was a beautiful day and we sat outside in the sunshine. It was nice just to get out and take my mind off of school and such. It’s also a relief to have another weight off my back. I talked to my COM prof this morning about meeting with her to discuss my paper. I talked with her a while and she was so encouraging! She also said she wouldn’t dock my paper at all, which is a huge blessing. Now all I have to do it work on my BIO class and I’ll be set! Amen for that!
P.S. I’m coming home tomorrow!!!!!HOORAY!!!

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