I’m a bum…

Wow, I’m a bum. I didn’t roll out of bed this morning until 1:30, haha. I was totally awake too! Well, maybe not so much. I was in that place between awake and asleep. It’s a trip, but I know you all know what I’m talking about. So yea, I roll out of bed, brush my teeth, throw on some jeans, my lovely Ashton sweatshirt, pull my hair in a pony tail, grab my books and head to BIO. All the while I’m praising God that it’s no shave, no make-up November. Woo hoo! Unfortunately, (guys don’t read this if you’re weary of feminine issues), as I’m walking down the hill to class I realize something doesn’t feel quite right. haha, I’d forgotten to put on a certain female undergarment this morning in my haste to get to class. I’m such a dork. Just praise the Lord that I was wearing a baggy sweatshirt. Class was interesting today, I was pretty excited about that. We talked about how America is fat and how there is actually a population of fat people suing McDonald’s for making them that way. haha.
Right after class I got a ride to Safeway from Heather. She was dropping her roommate off at her new job up on Queen Ann so she said it’d be no problem. The unfortunate part is that her roommate’s new job is at the little shop I had applied for earlier this month. I was kinda bummed about that. I really wanted to work there. But, so it goes. So I’m still out of work and I feel like a bum for it. But I know God will provide.
I got some new shampoo and conditioner at Safeway…the new Herbal Essance…yummy. I needed a change, and right now I feel like hygiene is the only thing I really have control over. haha.
I got back and worked on my articles until I realized I had a phone message. It was Justin calling to see if I was available Saturday night to go see David Copperfield! I just about fell out of my seat! I’ve always wanted to see David Copperfield live. So now Justin is just waiting to get the tickets in the mail. That’ll be so awesome!
Then Roommate got back and I had to tell her that her other fish was dying. Sadness! So we said a little prayer for the catfish and flushed him down to the great blue yonder. Bummer.
So then she left for work and I snuggled up in my fuzzy blanket on my bed and started reading a new book that Heather had let me borrow. I read until about 6:30 then went to Gwinn for dinner. I brought my book with me because I usually eat alone. Apparently not too many people eat dinner as late as I do, so I don’t bother calling anyone to come with me. Plus, I usually don’t think about it. The only reason I bring it up now actually is because someone came and sat with me tonight while I was eating and asked me about it. Fraser came and ate his dessert with me tonight and we talked for a while. He saw my book and was like “Is this for a class?”, I said no and he wondered how in the world I ever had time for free reading when I’m always so busy. I told him that I usually bring a book with me when I go to eat dinner because I usually eat alone and it keeps me occupied. He told me I needed to be more social. I made a mental note and proceeded to listen to him tell me how I should change and whatever else. I usually just listen to him talk whenever we come across each other. I get the feeling he just needs someone to listen to him. He updated me about things that were going on. He brought up no shave, no make-up November and commented about his views on girls and make-up. He told me about how he had to wear foundation once for a play…I thought that was rather hilarious. Then he asked me if I was wearing any make-up and I told him no. I thought it was quite obvious, which made me wonder…if he can’t tell the difference, why was I bothering to wear make-up at all any other time if I don’t look any different? Who knows? Perhaps he was just being nice, haha. So that turned out to be an interesting conversation.
I got back from Gwinn and began working again. My old buddy Jared stopped by! I’m so glad he has been visiting, it’s been good to talk to him again. The only thing is that he’s been set on talking about courtship lately. I have learned a bit about it here and there. I was encouraged to hear that Jared’s been digging into the Word more and relying more on God for his decisions concerning his future relationships. It was refreshing to hear him voice some very Godly views about the issue. *Props to Jared*
I wanted to listen and talk more with Jared, but I had to go to my Falcon meeting and I once again have a booty load of work to do. I wish I had a fireplace in my dorm room. I just thought about it recently…when I was at home I could always get a fire going in the fireplace and snuggle in with my homework and be able to focus in on it and get it done right there. It’s so much harder to get in a groove when you’re sitting at a desk. I don’t do my homework at my desk too often. Perhaps I’m just weird. But whatever.
One last thing, tomorrow Roommate’s friends are coming to visit, but Roommate is going to be in class. So I get to entertain! Woo hoo! Should be fun. I just hope I don’t have too much running around to do. So yea…that is all.

P.S. my blind date still hasn’t contacted me…I’m thinking he’s a bum.

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