I could swear the man in the moon is always mocking me…

The moon was calling me again last night. I’ve been hearing a lot of powerful calls to prayer and meditation lately.
I went and grabbed my PA, Cassie, because I felt a weight on my heart for her. She works so hard and I admire her in many ways. It’s almost weird how much I can relate to her. We have a lot in common, almost to the point where I feel she knows exactly what I’m thinking even before I say anything.
So we went outside in front of Ashton and talked for a while, admired the awesome ring around the full moon and prayed. We confided in each other, got some weight off our chests and prayed for one another. Then I felt the need to pray for my whole residence hall, so I did. It was a very powerful night. I feel I have been needing something like that.

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