Hot chocolate and sweet old lady waitresses…

It’s amazing…I don’t even know how to describe the events of these past few days. I have no idea where to start. Hmmmm…I supposed I can start with what’s been on my mind first. Today I had a test in my Communications class, I think I did alright on it even though I didn’t study as thoroughly as I would have liked to. But I feel I have a justified reason for this lack of educational discipline….I recieved an unexpected and very important phone call last night. Allow me to elaborate…
Yesterday was normal and rainy. After class I went with my friend Mike to cruise the downtown Gallery Walk, which was interesting and he dropped me off at the office for my meeting. Last night I just got back from my Falcon meeting, (which went very well by the way), and I had just cracked open my books to study when the phone rang TWICE in a row, which usually means it’s an outside call. Outside calls are usually for my roommate, so I answered it with the usual “Hello, which one? Hang on I’ll get her..” but this time I was shocked and almost in disbelief when I heard the smooth voice and musical laughter on the other end. I thought I was imagining it, seriously. Could this be the same person I have been praying for every night for the past year and a half? I have been continuously praying for the Lord’s hand of protection and comfort to be over this person ever since I got to know him. I cannot even put into words the joy and excitment I felt when I heard his voice. It’s one thing to read from an AIM window that a person is doing alright…but it’s quite another thing to hear in the steadiness of their own tone that they are okay. As soon as he confirmed who it was and began updating me on how he’d been holding up I immidiatly began whispering a prayer of thankfulness and comfort to God. Thankfulness that he is alright and thankfulness for answered prayer. And then comfort for my own heart because I care deeply for this person and it’s been so long since I’d heard from him. First let me explain because you’re probably thinking that this love that I have for this person is on a boy-girl level, but let me assure you it’s quite different than that. The love and concern I hold for this person is not a relationship type but more brother-sister type. I wish I could explain it better, but I just can’t find the words. Anyhow, it turns out that this person has been coming across hard times again. Being kicked out of his home for no real reason, his sister was hit by a car and had internal complications (but she’s recovering), he has a job but is still having to live out of his car and he has been giving his time and hope to two different bands that he’s playing in, which is great because it’s given him an opportunity to pursue a dream. I was comforted in two ways from his conversation…first by the fact that he seemed optimistic and wasn’t getting discouraged. Second, he was telling me about how when he can’t sleep because it’s too cold, he goes to this Denny’s-type place and get’s 69 cent coffee and has become friends with the sweet old lady waitresses there. The kind of waitresses that call you ‘Honey’ or ‘Sweetie’ and other endearing names like that. He’s gotten to the point now where he’s a regular and the waitresses give him free coffee. Sometimes they tell him he’s had too much coffee and they give him free hot chocolate instead. haha. I’m glad to know that God has provided a place of comfort and warmth for him. I know it may sound sappy, but I cannot emphasis my sincerety enough.
Even though I’ve tried not to get caught up in analyzing my current situations too much…I can’t help but wonder sometimes why God brings certain people in and out of my life at particular times. I’ve grown closer to so many people over this short period of time since school started and I’ve been making a lot of new friends as well. Now recently God has brought some close friends from my past back into the mix. (Not just the one I told you about above) All I can say is that I’m dying to know where God is taking me in all of this. haha. Perhaps I’ve just allowed myself to sit long enough to think about it…which means I’ve been sitting too long. Or maybe I just need some hot chocolate and a sweet old lady to call me sweetie.

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