Home Sweet Home

Yes, I’m home and it’s great. Although, once again, everything is different…well, my house it anyway. My brother has moved out, so mom’s having a blast redecorating. (like she doesn’t redecorate everything every three weeks anyway, hehe). Last time I came home for break…we had a new kitchen…the time before that it was a new living room. Now, we’re getting new carpets Tuesday and turning my brother’s old room into a TV room or a hang out room, whatever. And the current TV room is going to be a guest bedroom. *whew* So….the way my mom put it is that when I come home for breaks and summertime…I’ll have my own little upstairs apartment. hehe. I like how she put that.
Anyhow, Thanksgiving was great. Great family, great food, great traditions. Speaking of traditions…I’m not sure if I have talked about this before, but the purple cow has been passed on with success. Yes, we have a family tradition of passing this little plastic cow from family to family at every gathering. The point is to pass it without the other family’s knowledge. One time we shrinkwrapped the cow and stuck it in a carton of milk in their refridgerator, another time we stuck it in a tin of shortbread cookies and sealed the outside to make the tin look like it hadn’t been opened. So yea, last family gathering, they snuck the cow into our dishwasher. (the cow goes through a lot, but he’s a trooper). So we snuck it back to them in a container of cool-whip. We opened a brand new case of it and put the cow inside, then we shrink wrapped it back closed. We are very clever, hehe. And the cow was passed with success.
Today was a paintball war. Family war, doesn’t that sound so wholesome? haha. I know, I have a very weird family. My mom and I went shopping today too. I got some new sweaters and bought a few Christmas gifts. Now, I’m about to start on my take home final for Biology, fun fun fun.
Oh, and what’s even weirder, is that yesterday when I went to Baker’s Square to pick up some pies, these guys were yelling “Jimmy! Jimmy!” out their window at me. At first I assumed they were yelling at someone else who was standing next to me, but they were looking right at me and yelling. I don’t get it. Whatever, I just thought that was a bit strange.
I’m sure there are a bunch of other exciting things I could update on, but I can’t think of them right now. So until next time kids, Happy Thanksgiving!

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