Collecting dust…with no shame

PoluOwau: I’m so confused sometimes I don’t think my head will ever stop spinning
Him: I know what you mean
PoluOwau: why is it so much easier to sort these things out in someone else’s life, but never your own?
PoluOwau: I think I’m festering inside
Him: yes
PoluOwau: why am I festering?
PoluOwau: *fester fester fester, rot rot rot*
Him: it always is
PoluOwau: have I always been festering?
Him: you do seem to have a lot stored up inside ๐Ÿ™‚
PoluOwau: I feel like such a weak priss
PoluOwau: blah
PoluOwau: look at me….I’m a mess…and I’m whining about it
Him: I told you before you were very difficult to read
PoluOwau: I can’t even read myself
PoluOwau: haha
Him: hehe
PoluOwau: what kind of book am I?!!
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: I must be brail
Him: you’re a dictionary…
PoluOwau: ooo, good one
PoluOwau: hehe
Him: that had all its pages fall out
Him: and blown in the wind
PoluOwau: the book nobody wants to use unless they need something
Him: then picked up and shoved back under the cover
PoluOwau: nice analogy
PoluOwau: I’ll have to remember that one
Him: ๐Ÿ˜‰
PoluOwau: I think that might explain why a few pages are missing
Him: LOL
Him: no comment
PoluOwau: and why people only come to me when they need something
PoluOwau: or need to know something, rather
PoluOwau: I understand though, perhaps that’s just the way God made me
Him: yea, good luck trying to find it
PoluOwau: I gave up trying
PoluOwau: this deal is sold ‘as is’
PoluOwau: but honestly, I’m not even on the self
Him: how much?
PoluOwau: not for sale
Him: bah
PoluOwau: I’ve been kicked to the curb
Him: free then?
PoluOwau: like an old sofa
Him: I’ll take 4
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: yea, good deal…pretty low maintanence
PoluOwau: haha
Him: ๐Ÿ˜‰
Him: LOW? hahah
PoluOwau: compared to some
PoluOwau: at least I don’t nag
PoluOwau: well, that I know of anyway
Him: ah
PoluOwau: perhaps that comes with experience
Him: never thought of that, but its true
PoluOwau: and I’m reasonably self sufficient
PoluOwau: I can treat my own wounds
PoluOwau: etc, etc,
Him: etc too
PoluOwau: yea
PoluOwau: okay, so I have a few bugs to work out
PoluOwau: ok ok
PoluOwau: lot of bugs
Him: treating your own wounds can be bad tho, sometimes its good to just open up
PoluOwau: alright alright, I’m broken
Him: let it all hang out
PoluOwau: this is why I can’t open up, I’m too self monitored
PoluOwau: and I hate being vulnerable
Him: aye
PoluOwau: at least I’m aware of my faults, it’s one step to solving them
Him: ๐Ÿ˜‰
PoluOwau: and yet, I somehow, deep down….I am a completely different book
PoluOwau: all together
PoluOwau: hey, how about that, I’m a box series
PoluOwau: ha
Him: cool
Him: collectors edition
PoluOwau: there ya go
Him: directors cut
PoluOwau: collecting dust with no shame
PoluOwau: last one on the floor

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