bxxxxamericanxx: how is she?
bxxxxamericanxx: oh yay!!!
PoluOwau: she’s great
PoluOwau: she met this guy at a holloween party the other night
PoluOwau: and she’s been chipper than ever since
bxxxxamericanxx: oooohhh…
PoluOwau: yup
PoluOwau: but he better be good to her or I’ll fly down there and bust some of my ninja moves on him
PoluOwau: haha
bxxxxamericanxx: so are there any boys in your life right now?
PoluOwau: nope
PoluOwau: haven’t really thought about it much
bxxxxamericanxx: sarah, sarah, sarah… you and your ninja moves…
PoluOwau: or found anybody to be interested in
PoluOwau: hehe
PoluOwau: I can’t deny what I am at heart
PoluOwau: 🙂
bxxxxamericanxx: whats that?
PoluOwau: a ninja
PoluOwau: didn’t I tell you?
PoluOwau: I am a stealth-like ninja
PoluOwau: cleverly disguised as an average american girl
PoluOwau: anyways…
PoluOwau: yea
bxxxxamericanxx: oh geez…
bxxxxamericanxx: im sorry my screen froze and i thought you left…
bxxxxamericanxx: i am a moron…
PoluOwau: haha
PoluOwau: it happens
bxxxxamericanxx: the ninja thing was funny by the way i am chuckling right now…
PoluOwau: hehe

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  1. cheap plug..
    join community. help the cause (ninjas).

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